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Future Shop Salesman Responds to “7 Lies” Article

About a month ago I posted an article that was originally posted at the consumerist entitled “7 Lies You’ll Hear From Salesmen At Future Shop“. Click here to read that 7 lies article.

In response to these accusations a Future Shop salesman left a detailed comment expressing his point of view and addressing the 7 lies:

The following is written by me, a Future Shop employee and is not endorsed by Future Shop in any way.

First off WOW, there sure are a lot of salespeople for our competitors badmouthing Future Shop here. First look at the article and who it was written by “a former Future Shop employee”. I can only guess as to why he is a “former” employee. Future Shop is governed by consumer law and as such many of the claims made by people, if true would fall under Tort law and would be actionable. Beta TV’s are not available to the public and future Shop does not sell them. If your TV was used and not sold to you as an Open box then your case would be open and shut in a court of law.

As for Monster Cables. Simply put they are superior cables to any cables out there. The amount of Data sent to your HDTV through a HDMI cable is enormous. A basic digital signal over HDMI cables is 2.23Gig a second, a lot of room for errors. Monster Cables are virtually interference free. Which means the signal received by your TV is identical to the one that was sent. Other cables are subject to noise, false information that translates to pixilization. Monster Cables are also Simplay certified which means they are certified to meet high quality standards. You will also see Simplay certification on a great deal of other High Definition consumer products. Cables that do not have Simplay certification generally mean that they do not meet quality standards. Simply put, other Cables are just are not up to snuff. But the customer is always right, so if you think that Monster is too expensive; buy another product. But there is a difference. Keep in mind too that there is not just one type of HDMI cable, there are many different standards. For example some cables, including some monster cables can not transmit TrueHD or DTSHD (uncompressed sound for the technically challenged). To state that all HDMI cables are the same only proves that you know very little about HD and maybe you shouldn’t be making comments like your some kind of expert! Do the research.

To deal with the title of this article. I first have to say that yes you will find salespeople at Future Shop that lie, just as you will find that life is filled with liars. Some salespeople will lie out of greed and some out of ignorance. You will find this at any retailer. If a Future Shop employee lies to you simply report it to the store manager. Lying to customers is a huge no no at Future Shop and always results in disciplinary action. Future Shop strives for excellence, and in fact salespeople at FS are held to this business model. They are graded once a month on the “Circle of Excellence”. On most products sold at FS you have a thirty day return policy which means if for any reason you are unhappy you can bring the product back. Getting a return not only takes a salespersons commission but also results in reducing a salespersons rank on the “Circle of Excellence”. The Return policy is posted on a huge sign in front of Customer Service and is also available in print.

Product service plans are sold because customers ask for them! By no stretch of the imagination does it cover everything. It is designed to compliment the manufactures warranty and in fact covers a great deal more than the manufactures warranty. A PSP brochure is given with every purchased product service plan. It is also available upon request. What is covered and what is not covered is detailed in it’s entirety with in this document. By the way service plans are refundable for thirty days. So if you find that the plan was misrepresented; then simply refund it within thirty days.

Future Shop has several policies that make it Canada’s biggest and best electronics retailer. 100% customer satisfaction backed by a thirty day money back guarantee. Guaranteed lowest price: This continues for thirty days after the purchase of your product. If you find a lower price Future Shop will beat it by 110% of the difference. Simply bring in your proof and show it to any salesperson before purchase or customer service after purchase.

I think that it’s suspect how Charlie doesn’t give you his full name. I think that he doesn’t because most of what he says is an outright lie. So in saying that, my name is Kurt and I work at Future Shop Anjou! I am paid commission and I have never been paid 25 bucks for selling a Monster Cable. But being paid commission guarantees that there are more salespeople on the floor to help you. My livelihood depends on a customer’s confidence in me and on my product knowledge. If I thought that lying to a customer would make me more money then I would quickly learn the error in that thought when the customer returns the product and complains to my manager! It’s just bad business.

FDA finds Nestle Good Start Infant Formula lacks required nutritional value

Bumped because many useful comments have been added by doctors and other visitors

If you have a bottle-fed baby at home, take note: according to the FDA, Nestle Good Start infant formula’s nutritional content doesn’t match up with what’s promised on the label. What’s more is that the amount of calcium and phosphorous doesn’t meet minimum FDA requirements for infant formula sold in the US. The FDA came to these conclusions after an inspection of a Nestle facility in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

The full letter from the FDA to Nestle is available here. Nestle has yet to comment on the findings, but this isn’t the first strike they’ve had against them regarding infant formula. The Infant Feeding Action Coalition of Canada (INFACT) has long been involved in a boycott of Nestle products due to purported abuses relating to similar products. For more information regarding past claims of poor behaviour on the part of Nestle, you can check out the INFACT Nestle boycott updates here.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Full Bloom Tea


That’s right boys and girls, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Sunday May 13th to be exact. But instead of forgetting all about it and rushing to the mall on the way to your Mom’s this year, we here at SmartCanucks are giving you a bit of a heads up — and a great gift suggestion too!

Full Bloom Tea is a really original product that would make a perfect gift for that first special lady in your life. Everybody loves tea right? How about flowers? Well Full Bloom Tea is both gifts all rolled into one. When you add boiled water, the tea grows before your very eyes into a snappy little bouquet. It’s not only for Mother’s Day, either. Full Bloom Tea has honestly replaced flowers as my “I need to send flowers” gift. It’s just too neat of a product not to gift. Who wouldn’t love a tea that turns into a plant?

Full Bloom has a number of Mother’s Day specials on right now, all of which include the glass teapot so you can watch the bloom as it grows. They start at $29.99 USD, but don’t let the currency fool you – they ship worldwide. If you’re just interested for yourself, they offer free samples. They charge $2 for shipping on the free samples, but they also provide you with coupons for your next order that more than make up for it.

Misinformed by Car Dealer

I got an email from J.T. regarding her unfortunate experience with a car dealer. She asked me to post it here so that readers can give her advice. J.T. I’m sorry I’m not very familiar with car dealers (that’s why I never post about them) but hopefully someone reading this can help.

Please leave her a comment if you have any advice or suggestions.

Hey guys.

My boyfriend got a car in May of this year and had several problems in terms of the information that was fed to him. Here’s the story:

The situation began on the day he visited the dealership and was introduced to a sales representative by the name X, the person responsible with helping out with his transaction process. Mr. X before signing any papers had provided him with confident understanding that the $1000.00 deposit would be refunded if for any reason he would not want to close off the deal. Trusting that Mr. X was an honest and loyal sales representative he signed the papers off for a lease. Approximately a week later, we returned to the dealership stating that he would want to receive the deposit back. We were then consulted by Mr. X’s manager who stated we were unable to do so and cannot even forfeit the deposit.

We had originally wanted to purchase this vehicle under a financing plan but was advised that the price to lease was a cheaper and smarter method to obtain the Mazda 3. Mr. X had made it clear that during anytime within the lease period he was qualified to switch to a financing program. At the end of November this year, he decided it was time for me to switch to the financing plan. He had phoned back to the dealership who advised him that he would need to call the head office to obtain this information. Once he had contacted the head office they told him only the dealership would be able to provide him with this information. This processing of calling head office suggested by Agincourt Mazda had occurred twice before he was told by the dealership he was not qualified to be on a financing plan.

He has emailed the head office and been told he will get a response soon. But from all those lies, I’m not sure what a ‘response’ would be like. I hope it is not a “We are sorry” and done deal.

Banana Republic Canada: Cheating its Customers

Last month I mentioned a Banana republic promo where, if you spent $150 you got a $25 gift card.

Gale left a comment on that post saying:

I received 4 of these giftcards and bought something with them. the item I purchased did not fit my husband and had to be returned when I returned the merchandise, the store credited me with the money portion but did not return the gift card. so much for banana republic and good cheer I will never go there again.

So in a nutshell, she used the gift card to buy something and when she returned it, Banana Republic just credited her the difference (original price minus the gift card amount).

Gale, I think that we shouldn’t let incidents like that go unnoticed. Ignoring them will only make us, consumers, more vulnerable to corporate greed in the future. Usually the main headquarters don’t even know about these appalling incidents. I suggest you contact their main office and explain what happened and hopefully they’ll resolve your issue. If you don’t want to contact them and would rather I do that instead please let me know. Here’s Banana Republic’s contact information:

1 (888) BR-STYLE
[email protected]

I suggest you phone instead of email. Companies take phone calls more seriously. Reviews

Grocery Gateway Reviews can be found here

A Brilliant Reply from the Canadian National Exhibition CNE 2006

This is a follow-up of the letter sent to J. the Corporate/Group Sales Administrator at the Canadian National Exhibition, CNE 2006.

J. replied back in wonderful style and even created a code for and deals fans: SC2006CNE. Thanks J. for clarifying everything and I apologize if I took your request a bit seriously 🙂

Here is her reply:

Hi Boo Radley,

I apologize for any confusion caused by me writing to you from my sympatico e-mail address, I was (am) writing from home. I have cc’ed my work e-mail address on this message and the original, so please feel free to contact me via my work e-mail.

A code for users is a good idea. I have set up an online account for you so please post this URL on your site in place of the other codes in order to give your readers access to the discount:

Alternately, your readers may access the discount by visiting the CNE website,, clicking on ‘Buy Tickets Online’ and then on ‘Corporate/Group Partners’. This will take them to a page where they can enter the code SC2006CNE.

There was no specific problem with you using the CNE logo, I only thought it would not make much sense being on the site if you removed the offer. Now that the offer will be available through your own code, I see no reason why you cannot use it to promote the offer.

The CNE enters into promotional agreements with several outlets, so if you have any additional ideas for the future, please contact us in the spring and we will be happy to work with you.



My Reply to the Canadian National Exhibition CNE 2006

This is a follow-up of the letter I got from J. the Corporate/Group Sales Administrator at the Canadian National Exhibition, CNE 2006.

I replied back to J today:

Hello J,

Thanks for your email regarding the removal of the CNE logo and corporate code information from I will do as you have requested.

I was very disappointed to know about your decision. I understand that this code information is intended for Corporate/Group tickets only. However there’s a huge online deals community that has, by no shadow of a doubt, helped promote the Canadian National Exhibition and provide priceless word of mouth marketing that I can guarantee you had an effect on CNE’s success. I therefore suggest that you create a special code for our deals community that we and other deals communities out there can use. Maybe something like SmartCanucks2006CNE of SC2006CNE. Please do not underestimate the value of online marketing and how it can have a positive (or negative) effect on CNE.

As for the logo, I removed it as requested but I don’t understand why you’d want such a thing? I was promoting your exhibition and my post got loads of views everyday. When people google CNE 2006 my blog shows up before the official website! I never claimed this logo was mine nor did I present it in an ugly way. My post was clean and tidy and it encouraged Canadians to visit the CNE.

I hope to hear from you soon and I look forward to getting our own code. Please note that all emails to and from you will be posted on my blog for readers (but just with your initials).

Boo Radley

I got a Letter from the Canadian National Exhibition :-(

I was checking my email now when I found an email from J.B. (I won’t write her name to protect her privacy) the Corporate/Group Sales Administrator at the Canadian National Exhibition asking me in a very polite manner to remove the post I had on the Canadian National Exhibition reduced ticket prices and also remove the CNE logo.

Here’s the letter:

Dear “Boo Radley”:

Kindly remove the CNE logo and corporate code information from your website as the use of these items is unauthorized.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

J. B.
Corporate/Group Sales Administrator
Canadian National Exhibition

I understand the code I posted is especially for corporate customers so I will remove it today as she requested.

What I don’t comprehend, is why J.B.’s asking me to remove the Canadian National Exhibition logo? 🙁 . This is an exhibition all of us Canadian are proud of… why can’t we get to promote it and spread the word? The CNE logo I posted had CNE’s date and website address. This logo did nothing more than promote and provide some sort of free advertising for the CNE. How would removing it help CNE?

When I posted about the Canadian National Exhibition I was very thrilled (you’ll notice I added two smiley faces which I don’t often do). I’m disappointed that this exhibition has turned from something all Canadians pride and cherish to yet another commercial production. I will remove the logo and I don’t care about the CNE anymore.

and J.B. if you read this (and you probably will), let me give you some advice before you contact someone else:

– I suggest you don’t use your email address because there is no way of verifying whether you really work at the CNE. Use a

– Your email was short and to the point but a word of motivation thanking the blogger for promoting the CNE for nothing in return but goodwill would have been nice.

– It looks like several websites out there have the CNE logo so you better start emailing them to have all logos removed before CNE 2007. Some are as old as 2004.

Post Your Good or Bad Shopping Experience on

Landior left a comment on my Disappointing Dior post describing her unpleasant experience at The Bay in Kingston. I always felt that The Bay in Kingston is very unwelcoming, from the second you pass by the cosmetics section to the second you check out.

I believe that as customers (or even just as humans!) we have the right to be treated in a respectable manner. Some sales people just have this bad attitude for no comprehensible reason. Bad attitude, rudeness, carelessness and racism should not be tolerated.

I’ve therefore created a new category called “Praises and Complaints” where Canucks can share their good or bad shopping experiences. You can email me your story ( my email is boo at smartcanucks dot ca) and I will publish it on here as is as long as it’s written for a family-friendly environment (i.e. no cussing). If you’re complaining please feel free to name the specific store where you had your bad experience. If you’re praising please feel free to name the store or even person.

I just want to make it clear that I’m not saying all sales personnel are nasty. In fact, I’ve met some wonderful people who deserve all the appreciation and respect. We want to make sure that it is these courteous people who get recognized, rewarded and promoted 🙂

Here is Landior’s comment about the Bay in Kingston, Ontario:

Dear Boo Radley,

I am the person who came a couple days earlier! I came with my sister, and we were so excited. We had printed off the coupons, but when we went to redeem them the Dior lady said that the offer was only valid in Ottawa, and that they should say that on the coupon. The Dior rep was pleasant, but I generally find the staff at The Bay in Kingston to be EXTREMELY rude. A couple of years ago, the manager of the women’s clothing department nearly brought me to tears. The dept had held a swimsuit for me, because they could not find the price. They took down my number and said they would call, but they never did. I was fine with that, I figured that they had lost my number, and those things happen from time to time. So this time, I found the swimsuit, and explained that I had attempted to purchase it a couple of weeks ago when they were 50% off. I explained that they had recorded my information and the promotion that was on at that time. As soon as I said 50% off, she cut me off, and in a raised voice told me that it was impossible because that sale had never occurred and that I “got [my] information wrong” or that I was lying! She never attempted to look for the record of my having attempted to purchase the item, and her tone, body language…every aspect of her behaviour was very rude. I almost burst into tears; she had treated me like dirt. I walked away at first, but then I went back to the counter and put down the items that I was going to purchase (my entire family has supported The Bay for as long as we can remember) and I explained to her that I had planned on buying those items, but after the way she treated me I would not purchase anything that day, and would think twice before shopping there again. She just muttered, “whatever”.

Now, I have worked in retail, and I would always try to serve my customers to the best of my ability. I always tried to score them a deal, and help them coordinate outfits, etc. I made sure I showed them sale merchandise and informed them about freebies/promos/contests. I have had bad days, but I would never dream of taking it out on my customers.

The Bay in Kingston is known for having terrible customer service (understaffed + rude staff). I know that there have also been several reports of racism Apparently a racial slur was used by one sales associate, and black customers received no help (only suspicious looks).

Dana, at Lancome is great about freebies, and she does a great job on makeup, but beware the lady with the British accent–she doesn’t seem to like the freebie idea.

Again, I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you too. I hope that future freebies work out much better for you! Take care, and happy hunting!

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