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Shocking news! The Beebs Got His Hair Chopped Off. What Do We Think Canada?


So it’s no secret that I don’t mind the Beebs. In fact I repect the kid.  Not only was he born and raised close to where I live but he’s simply Canadian.  Anyways Justin Bieber got his hair chopped off for a more “mature” cut.  What do we think? Hit or miss? Should of he kept his signature locks?  I think it looks cute and trendy. I wonder how many young boys will be at the hair salon tomorrow getting the new Justin do.

*If you can’t take a light hearted joke, maybe just skip past*

FTD Canada. Up to par?


One of our forum members recently posted a thread about an delivery that was not up to par at all. There were NO roses in her arrangement, and the flowers were already dying.  Instead of an acceptable replacement to the roses they put that green leafy thing that looks like a catepillar ate half of it.  Our member is still waiting after over a week of phone tag for a replacement.  It was to celebrate Chinese New Year for her and her family.  Her thoughts on this? It is like sending someone Christmas tree on Jan 8th to replace the dead tree you sent on Dec 24th.

I understand that FTD sends the information to the nearest participating floritst. But is there no quality control?  This is completely unacceptable.  I personally have had a few decent experiences with and a few bad ones, including non delivery for no reason.  As far as I’m concerned this customer deserves a full refund AND replacement flowers.  An apology needs to go along with this.

Do you have a customer complaint or praise?  Smart Canucks has 2 ways of letting readers know about customer service, our reviews blog and our forum which has a product and store review section.

Hey Canada, Fave Pizza Joint?


While driving home from Detroit this week we stopped for a bit.  We decided on Hungry Howies. I had never eaten there before but it was only $10 for a large pizza with flavoured crust of our choice and a large bread stix.  It was absolutely fantastic! I hadn’t had pizza that delish in years.  It got me thinking, there just isn’t that many huge pizza franchises in Canada compared to the USA which sucks.  If you had to choose your fave Canadian pizza joint who would you pick?  Toppings?

I guess if I have to stay Canadian I’d have to go with Godfather’s Pizza. I think theres just under 70 of them in Ontario.  My favourite toppings are pineapple, pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms and bacon.

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada: Did you shop on Friday? Check your receipt for errors! Scanning Code Of Practice


It seems that Shoppers had a significant problem with their computer systems yesterday.  From overcharging items part of the two day sale to not crediting the 20x points.  One of our savy Smart Canuck’ers posted their receipt pointing out all the problems.  Looks like there might be a lot of scanning codes of practice claims happening at Shoppers in the next few days.  Click here to join the discussion on the Smart Canucks forum.

Did anything in your shop ring in wrong? 

Not aware of the Scanning Code of Practice?  Click here for more information.

Smart Canucks Christmas Countdown: 12 Days Until Christmas *Festive Music*


Well ladies and gents, Christmas is almost here ready or not. Only 12 days left (13 for the big boxing day sales 😉 )  To count down to the festivities Smart Canucks  will feature a special countdown topic. If you have an idea for a topic please feel free to use the suggest a deal feature.

Today is Christmas music.  I find as i’m getting older i’m embracing Christmas music more and more each year.  Last night I was lucky enough to attend the “I Love Santa” Christmas special performance by Kim Stockwood

 What  a great Christmas special!  Kim is not only an amazing singer shes also quite comedic on stage.  Playing with Kim were 2 amazing artists in their own rights Tim Bovaconti and Kevin Fox.  Kim gave them both their own spotlight to showcase themselves!  My favourite performance of the evening was Silver Bells.  Such a classic Christmas tune.  After the show Kim did a personal meet and greet with fans to sign cd’s and some light chit chat.  She really connects and appreciates her fans, which was a nice treat. 

What are your favourite Christmas tunes of all time?  I think my all time favourite is Greensleves (aka what child is this)  I just love the melody.

Smart Canucks Canada Member Exclusive “My Kijiji Home” How An Scer Furnished Her Home The Smart Canuck Way!


Last night when I read Watergirl73’s post on the forum I was absolutely astonished!  This Smart Canuck has been furnishing her home completely by scoping out Kijiji deals and steals for quite sometime.  Her house is nothing less then gorgeous, and you would never be able to tell that she paid a fraction of the price for the high end furnishings in her home.  It’s still a work in progress as they are renovating but nonetheless breathtaking.  This member deserves to be featured in Chatelaine!

Click here to read the full story.

Do you think that this Sc members savviness should be a featured story in Chatelaine? Email Chatelaine and let them know!    [email protected]

*SmartCanucks Community* Proud To Be Canadian Shelter Bags

If you’re new to I thought I’d let you know about the wonderful and caring community we have on here. I have come across some very generous and kind people who help those less fortunate than ourselves. Here’s what our marvelous member eriluo did in her own words:

For those new to the board, I put together shelter packs full of toiletries for a local 10 bed women’s shelter, by buying products using coupons when everything is relatively inexpensive Thanks to a lot of donations of coupons and products, from wonderful SC’rs on the board, I have been able to donate over $2500 or more worth of stuff to the shelter since last September. This has helped both the women and the shelter’s budget at the same time!

Well, thanks again to all the wonderful, generous coupon Random Acts of Kindness (RAOKs) I have received since then, it didn’t take me long to rebuild my stash and get all my stuff together for the latest shelter offering.

So, in celebration of our native land and being inspired by Giant Tiger’s “Proud To Be Canadian” bags, I have assembled 12 shelter stash gift bags to be delivered later this morning to the shelter in honour of Canada Day!

Here is what I put together this time around:

12 assorted Shave Gels
12 Bic Bella Razor pkgs
12 Dove Nutrium Body Washes
12 assorted 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioners
12 pkgs. assorted Stayfree Maxi Pads
12 assorted Deodorants
12 Crest toothpastes
12 Colgate toothbrushes
12 assorted Face Masks
12 assorted Body Lotions

12 “Proud To Be Canadian” Shopping Bags from GT
12 assorted Teas
12 assorted Chocolate Bars
12 pkgs. Halls

How the bag looks like fully assembled!

How the bag looks like from the inside!

How all 12 bags look like grouped together!

Last but not least, a bag that echo my sentiments on how I feel today = Proud to be a Canadian!

Thanks again to everyone who has supported me along the way, through coupons, products and morale support! You all exemplify what it is to be a Canadian too, so Happy Canada Day Everyone!


Update: Bags have been delivered!

I brought them to the shelter this morning and the shelter staff member who greeted me, I know, and she said that the bags are so appreciated by the residents and that they are so grateful for the donation! Hearing that made my day, but that wasn’t all…

She gave me the following card:

Pizza Hut Canada: VERY Thin and Soggy Crust

Tara F. posted on SmartCanucks forum telling us about her terrible experience with Pizza Hut. Having had an almost identical experience I’m posting this on here in hopes that Pizza Hut Canada will actually work on improving their pizza and customer service. Here’s what Tara F. had to say:

Okay I ordered 1 Lrg Stuffed Crust Meat Lovers Pizza and 1 Lrg Stuffed Crust Hawaiian Pizza from Pizza Hut tonight and it was DISGUSTING. The crust on both was VERY thin and soggy, so much in fact that the toppings slid right off and you could “wave” the crust. The total of my bill came to just shy of $50 for 2 pizzas and now I won’t eat them because they are NASTY. I called to complain and they will NOT refund my money because as they say, “they don’t do that with food” but they said they would give me a credit that I would have to use up within 3 months. They told me that this is now how their pizzas are made and that next time just make sure not to order it.

Well I had to take a video of the crap they delivered because it really was that nasty. Check it out below and tell me, have you ever received pizza from Pizza Hut like this?


Store Reviews: Canada Post, Tim Hortons, Sobeys, etc.

Customer Service Canada

The Canadian store reviews section has some new reviews that you may be interested in checking out:

and more Canadian store reviews can be read here

Sears Canada new website design! Hunting for bargains made easier!?!? save 10$ off $100

searsold relaunched their website with a new design less then 2 weeks ago.  I seem to want to compare it to layout but a tad different. As of now I’m having a hard  time navigating since I was so use to the old layout. However I am finding a lot more information on one page and a lot more categories. I do like that I can view all the current promotions, and the deal of the day for the Outlet all on one page.

Right now there is 40% off selected housewares and Christmas Decorations as well as the Gift With Purchase for Clinique when you spend $26.50.  I need to order my Clinique soon before the promo is over.

Have you checked out the new yet? What are your thoughts?

  • Save $10 on your next purchase of $100 or more at!  Using bonus code 941 612 285!!

Am I becoming a Canadian giant or are things getting smaller?


So last week with the ” Luck ‘o the irish”  my youngest child wanted to purchase some Lucky Charms! As a treat I agreed.

A day later I poured my child and I a bowl.  As I was picking out the marshmallows (because lets be serious I only eat the marshmallows.)  I realized how small they were! Sure it had been years since I had indulged in this sugary cereal but I don’t remember them being so micro mini. I checked out the box and sure enough they have downsized the marshmallow to get “more in each spoonfull.”  Bull I say there is less period.

I’ve since then I realized I wasn’t becoming a “Canadian giant” I was just being duped into not realizing packagaing and contents are getting smaller.

For example have you ever grabbed a box of crackers that claim ” 33% less fat” then you get home and realize the package you just bought is 33% lighter then the same brand with the fat?

Or somethings on sale really cheap but 200g smaller in size then the regular priced item of the same brand.  When you sit and figure it out by gram your saving  10 cents. Grrr….


Share your stories! What have you been duped on,  or noticed its not what it seems! Anything recently where the grocery item shrunk overnight?

Canadian Discount Stores: Giant Tiger Vs Bargain Shop


Last night I got thinking (something I do on occasion.) Giant Tiger and Bargain Shop are quite similar but which one is better?

I have found over the past few years Giant Tiger has become a lot larger and doesn’t get in as many name brand clothing anymore. I remember 3 years ago seeing a full “Rocawear” sweatsuit for $29.99  retail of $129.99 of course it was absolutely the most hideous shade of brown ever but thats not the point lol. Now this is just going by my local GT but the products now seem the be in “house” brands.

More recently I’ve been popping into The Bargain Shop and have been pleasantly surprised at their prices and brand names for purchase. Just to name drop  some of the brands of clothing I saw last night:

  • H&M
  • Disney
  • Nascar
  • Dickies
  • Puma
  • FUBU
  • Carters
  • CAT
  • Nike
  • OshKosh

All at awesome prices, ranging from $4.97-$9.97!   Right now with people being more frugal then ever I thought it is great that you don’t have to sacrifice your name brands if you don’t want to.  I know especially for kids clothes I’ll be popping into the Bargain Shop more often to see what new stock they have in!

Is there any other discont stores that sell name brands at a discount?

What do you prefer Giant Tiger or the Bargain Shop?

Shoppers Drug Mart Issuing Empty Subway Canada Gift Cards

Subway Canada Gift Card

Apparently some of Subway Canada’s gift cards that Shoppers Drug Mart stores are giving out during their promotions are turning out to be empty. I’ve gotten several complaints about this. This is probably unintentional from Shoppers Drug Mart and Subway Canada but the way they treat their customers once the empty gift card is reported in unacceptable. Also, how hard could it be to check these gift cards have the correct amount before handing them out?

Here’s a complaint from Carolyn D, one of the people who had this problem:

(copy of letter to Subway corp) & (copy to Shopper’s Drug Mart)

Recently, after purchasing over $50 of product at Shopper’s Drug Mart, I received a Subway cash card worth $10.  As I am diabetic and on a small fixed income, I usually do not buy any type of fast food or eat in restaurants.  However, since the card expired today, I decided to use it.  I purchased a 1/2 sub and a vegetable only salad. Total $9.12.  I was embarrassed to find that the card showed no balance.  Fortunately I had $10. so was able to pay for the purchase which I did not want anyway.  I drove back to the Shopper’s who issued the card.  They denied any responsibility and told me to call the number on the back.  It was apparent that this has happened before.  Calling that number gave me a lot of voice mail but no resolution.  I called another Subway who told me that they have had quite a lot of them that are no good.  I am so very angry.  I want my $10.00 refunded.  I do NOT have money to waste on take-out food.  This was my first and l ikely my last visit to a Subway store.  What’s more I will likely limit my purchases at Shopper’s Drug Mart as well.  How do large companies like yours succeed when you treat the public with such disdain?  I will write to my local TV station ombudsman and my local newspaper if necessary.  I find this despicable.   Your stores should have been told to honor the cards and then you reimburse them instead of having customers spend what is now 1 1/2 hours and more than 2 liters of gas trying to take advantage of this so-called FREE offer. This is worse than FREE offer of a card usuable at restaurants that don’t exist in Chilliwack! Carol

Carolyn D

Canadian Tire Scratch and Win Events: Speaking Out

Canadian Tire Scratch and Win

On Smart Canucks new Store Reviews section Koala posted a helpful article on how to avoid getting cheated at Canadian Tire’s Scratch and Win Events. Here’s what she had to say:

First I will post the correspondance and then add further comment:

To Canadian Tire Customer Service [email protected]

Composed Sept 16/08

I am writing to you to comment on your recent Birthday Bash Promo. On Sunday Sept 14/08 I shopped at Canadian Tire, Barton Street, Hamilton. I presented my scratch ticket to the cashier. She scratched it in a fashion that the results were concealed, and she said after she threw it in the garbage that there were no more cakes left.
Now my concern is, I did not witness the reveal, nor she did not show it to me. When asked to see it, her reply was “too late…it’s in the garbage.”
Was the prizing actually a cake or $5 or whatever. It would been easy to identify the ticket as the back was completed with name and the answer to the skill testing question.
I am very disatisfied in how this was handled, and do not appreciate the rude mannerisms of the cashier.

For your convenience
Store #***
Time: 13:54:44
Trans: #115
Operator # ***
Float: ***

I would appreciate a response to this. This will affect my future shopping opinions and habits with Canadian Tire.

I can be contacted via email or phone


Bell Canada Forcing all Canadian DSL ISPs to Throttle Bit-torrent Traffic

Source: arstechnica

Line-sharing is what allows small ISPs like Wireless Nomad to thrive in Canada and offer innovative services. But line-sharing has its drawbacks; chief among them, of course, is that without control of the line, an ISP is not ultimately in control of the service it is selling. Canadian DSL resellers learned that lesson the hard way this week as ISPs learned that Bell Canada now runs traffic-shaping hardware even on the lines it resells.

Readers at Broadband Reports noted the issue earlier this week as owners of small ISPs suddenly found that their customers were having traffic throttled, even though the ISPs were vehemently anti-throttling. The problem was compounded by the fact Bell Canada did not apparently tell the ISPs that it was about to make the change. The company has subsequently confirmed the throttling and says it should be fully in place by April 7.

Continue reading about how Bell sucks

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