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Free Canadian Event: PC Baby and You Cooking Class, free goodies and coupons.

little cook

Huggies and President’s Choice are teaming up for a free Baby and You cooking class at Loblaws locations with a President’s Choice cooking school. You will learn how to make two recipes: One for you, and one for baby. There will be free goodies including a pair of tiger ears for your baby and some Huggies coupons.

This events runs until October 27th, dates and times vary by location. There is no registration fee, just show up with your little one and enjoy!

Click here to find a location and event near you on the Baby and You Facebook page!

Cineplex Canada: Saturday, October 22nd is Community Day!

Saturday morning, October 22nd, Cineplex Theatres across Canada will be opening its doors in support of the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Doors open at 8:30am and various family-friendly movies will start at 9am. The titles vary depending on your location.

Best of all, the movies are free and snacks are $2 each (popcorn, pop, & select candy), with the donations going to Starlight. This sounds like a great event for adults & kids alike, especially since it’s practically free with the nominal proceeds going towards a charity!

Click here to check out what’s playing on Community Day at a Cineplex near you!

Toronto Tampon Tuesdays at Jack Astors Sept 27th


Tampon Tuesdays?! When I saw this term as I was browsing my facebook feeds I thought what in the world?! Naturally I had to click the link and I discovered a fantastic program in downtown Toronto.

Tuesday, September 27th from 5:00 – 7:30pm visit the Jack Astors on John St to participate in this event. You must bring a box of tampons to donate to the Daily Bread Foodbank and help out the women in need. Let’s face it Smart Canuckers, you know how to get those tampon boxes almost free!

Many locations also supply free appetizers… but mostly this is an event meant to grow your network and help out a local charity. So instead of talking to your girlfriends online and wondering what to do Tuesday evening, grab yourself a box of tampons and head downtown!

Click here to view the website and check out the event calendar for events in your local city.

Marble Slab Creamery Canada: Now serving lactose free ice cream


If you have dietary restrictions you know what a pain in the you-know-what it can be when you’re out in public with your friends and they want to stop in somewhere for fast food/coffee and dessert/snacks and you can’t participate.

Thankfully, retailers are starting to catch on that there are many of us out there that have special needs … and slowly but surely we’re being offered more options.

Marble Slab Creameries across Canada are now serving Lactose Free Ice Cream. What amazing news!

Click here to find your local shop

Om nom nom!

Another Earthquake – did you feel it Canada?

I get a text from my mother asking if I felt the earth shake and I wonder if she’s asking me some deep, meaningful question … and then I realize my twitter feed is going crazy with #quake comments.

Did YOU feel the earth shake?

Although thought to be based in Washington, DC it seems the quake rattled it’s way to Montreal, Toronto and other major areas as high as a 5.9!

Whole Foods Canada: Square One Location Opening Tomorrow!!

To celebrate Whole Foods’ near location, just right outside of Square One (Mississauga), the store is hosting some festivities tomorrow from 8:30-10am, ***Wednesday, August 10th***.

The festivities include some demos, vendor samplings, prizes, music, & more! I’m sure that there’ll be some things for children to do as well. ūüôā This will be a great opportunity to check out the new store and see what they have to offer.

Whole Foods is not cheap, but when they have their sales, you can pick up some items at decent prices.

Click here to check out their Facebook group!

Gluten Free Diets


GLUTEN FREE … ¬†Are you seeing this start to appear on food packaging? Take-out options? Facebook groups? Hearing it in commercials and conversations?

A few years ago I’m sure not many people would have had a clue what gluten was and now it seems that gluten intolerance is on the rise everywhere.

Having tried quite a few Gluten Free products myself lately (everything from: Gummy Bears to Teriyaki Sauce to Waffles) I can say so far I’ve been quite impressed and have yet to find anything that didn’t taste just as good as the “regular” brands. Prices are definitely higher though, but it hasn’t been as bad as I expected for most items.

We have a few posts on this topic in our forum with some great discussions, recipes and deals and hope you’ll join in on the conversations!

Smart Canucks Member Of The Month Spotlight July: Mia001


A new months means¬† a new member of the month! Congratulations Mia001!¬† You were nominated and were randomly drawn to be July’s member of the month.¬†

Look for a post later in the month spotlighting Mia001.

Want to be member of the month or nominate someone? Email me at Sally@smartcanucks . ca (omit space) Want further info on this promotion? Click here.

P&G Canada United Way Warehouse Sale GTA May 7 & 8

pgProcter & Gamble United Way Spring Warehouse Sale

Amazing discounts on a huge variety of P&G product with 100% of proceeds donated to United Way.

Where: International Center 6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga‚Äď Hall 6

When: Open to the public:

Saturday May 7th 11am – 7pm

Sunday May 8th 10am – 4pm

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 39


We’ve talked about the inevitability of snow before in our Caption Challenge, but with how many cold days we’ve had this month it’s something that’s on my mind even more.

But these kids here? ¬†They look like they’re more than prepared for the coming storm.

…at least two of them do.

Get on your parkas, break out your ice scrapers, and let’s hear your best chilly weather captions!

Municipal elections are popping up around the country — are you ready to vote?


When most people think municipal elections, their feelings are often best summed up by a big yawn followed by a quick nap. ¬†Many Canadians are so disinterested in local politics that they can’t even name their mayor, let alone their city or regional¬†councilors. ¬†But you know what? ¬†You should care about local politics, because it’s the one place where your vote will most count towards saving you money.

Property taxes, water rates, parking meters — in most parts of the country, these things are dictated by your municipal government. ¬†If you want to get your water bill down to a reasonable level (and if you live in Niagara like I do, believe me, that’s a priority), the best way to do that is to vote in a candidate who’s committed to your cause.

Even little costs can add up. ¬†About 10 years ago our region placed a 2 bag limit on garbage. ¬†Anything more than that and you’ll need to buy a “garbage tag.” ¬†It’s not a system that I disagree with, but if I did, wouldn’t it make sense for me to vote in a candidate who wants to turn it around?

Not everywhere in Canada will be going through a municipal election in the coming weeks, but if you live in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, and select parts of Saskatchewan or PEI, your ballot box is just around the corner. ¬†Hit up your city’s website, learn about the candidates, attend some debates, and — most importantly — show up on election day. ¬†If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your local government, make your vote count.

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 40


I’m all for the idea of cash’n’carry, but seriously dude — take a couple of trips if you need to. ¬†Something tells me this car may have required a trip to the mechanic after this. ¬†Something else tells me that you can come up with an outstanding caption to post in the comments.

I’m hoping for everyone’s sake that your next trip to IKEA goes better.

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 38


I don’t know about you, but now that the leaves are falling from the trees and the nuts are tumbling down alongside them, my neighbourhood has been completely overrun by squirrels. ¬†No word of a lie, when I opened my front door this morning I was able to count 8 of them as I looked around my immediate vicinity. ¬†EIGHT. ¬†It’s almost as if they’re amassing an army…

So what say you?  Can you come up with a militaristic yet cute caption for our little rodent army man above?

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 37


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I couldn’t help but post up this picture of a Disney fan devouring a Frontierland turkey leg — and between the look on his face and the presence of Chef Goofy, this one seems rife for the captioning!

As popular as they are amongst park¬†aficionados, I just can’t imagine eating anything that Goofy cooked.

So what say you?  Do you have a festive Thanksgiving caption for the Disney fan pictured above?

Neat Christmas Gift Ideas: Kodak “Share”


Thanks to my involvement in the world of tech journalism, I recently had the chance to spend some time with two new Kodak products — both of which embrace the company’s new philosophy of sharing.

“Share” is a great buzz word for the photo industry, because it’s what most of us are looking to do with our pictures once we take them. ¬†The latest line of Kodak cameras and pocket camcorders has embraced this buzz word, offering up what they like to call the “share button.”

The share button is a button you can press on the back of the camera while you’re browsing through your photos that will let you upload any pictures you want directly to your Facebook, Flickr, email, and more. ¬†Once you’ve selected what you want to share and told it where you want to share it, all you have to do is sync up your camera and it takes care of the nitty gritty for you. ¬†Neat, right?

The camera I had the luxury to play with this on was the M590, and as you can see from the sample pictures I’ve taken here and here, it takes a pretty great shot for being a low-end model, well worth it’s entry level price of $199.

It’s a nice thing to know about if you’re buying someone a camera — but let’s get real — the chances of that are probably slim. ¬†What’s more likely, however, is that you’ll be shopping for a digital picture frame. ¬†This is where the idea of “share” really comes into full swing.

The Kodak Pulse picture frame is quite literally the gift that keeps on giving. ¬†Once you’ve given it, you can continue to update the frame from the comfort of your desk by e-mailing new pictures to it whenever you want! ¬†What better gift for Grandma than a picture frame given in December that gets little league photos in the summer and graduation pictures in the spring?

And since the frame just uses a conventional e-mail address, you can give it out to everyone in the family so that new pictures can arrive from all sorts of familial photographers!  The frame gets bonus points for streaming Facebook photo albums too, should you simply want to stream a particular album belonging to yourself or your friends right out of the box.

You can pick up the Pulse as a 7 inch frame for $129, while the 10 inch is available for $199.  If you were already thinking about getting someone a digital picture frame this Christmas, why not get them one that you can update for them all year round?

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