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SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 25

Traffic problems never cease around here with the Caption Challenge! Last week it was a DHL driver stranded in a field of flowers. This week the cops are hasslin’ a young driver for getting his ride on. Tsk, tsk.. Ok folks – ready, set, CAPTION!

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 19

Meet the New Republic, same as the Old Republic. Mon Mothma might say she’s changing the galaxy for the better, but why is it a stormtrooper still can’t walk down the street without being hassled by the man? Ok – I think I’ve geeked out enough for one day. Now it’s your turn. “These are …Read More

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 18

Everytime I come across a funny photo that I think is going to stump the captioners here on SmartCanucks, you always prove me wrong. Let’s see if you can do it again! Also — it’s spring. Let this serve as your reminder to get your bike out of the shed and get riding this summer. …Read More

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 17

Do you even bother trying to get out of the car at this point? This is why you also keep a book in the car. This could take awhile. So are you ready to start captioning, or are you feeling “sheepish”? 😛

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 16

This picture couldn’t be any more apt to describe the mood I’m in. Over the long winter we’d accquired some patio furniture and other outdoor furnishings that have turned our backyard from “that place behind the house” to somewhere I’d actually want to spend some time this summer. I was just thinking about how nice …Read More

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 15

Robots RULE. That is all. Commence captioning.

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 14

We’re a few months out from Christmas, but that no reason Santa can’t live in our hearts all year long! Also, I love this photo WAY too much to sit on it for another 9 months. Besides, this picture of Santa has a real GI Joe vibe to it in my opinion, and GI Joe …Read More

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 13

The number thirteen is generally associated with bad luck, horror and terror. As such I thought I’d share with you all my greatest fear — cephalopods. Squids, octopi, cuttlefish — you name it, I’m terrified of them. It’s actually elevated to that irrational level of fear where even things like this picture above make me …Read More

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 12

I didn’t really think about it until I started actually writing the post, but it seems like we’re stuck on something of a theme lately. Week 10 had the horse and lady. Week 11 had Jimmy Olson riding a horse hot dog. Now this week we have a centaur. Sheesh. No horses next week. I …Read More

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 11

Last week I went for a real stumper. I picked a picture that I couldn’t possibly come up with a caption for, and as of this writing 68 of you have come out to prove me wrong and give us a great caption! This week I thought I’d up the ante. Again, I have no …Read More

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 10

This week I thought it might be fun to go with a real stumper, and by “real stumper” I really mean “something I couldn’t come up with a caption for, but would LOVE to see somebody else tackle.” Just remember kids — keep it PG. This is a family site. What are you waiting for? …Read More

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 9

I stumbled across this photo sometime last summer and it always makes me smile — especially because I’m a friend of a friend of the guy in the Blanka outfit. I came across this on a friend’s Facebook, andfrom what I can tell it was taken during karaoke night at the Boston Pizza on Morrison …Read More

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 8

Few things illicit such immediate laughter as a car at the bottom of the pool, even if it’s you’re own car. I’m going to try and be nice and not steal the obvious caption, so instead I’ll paraphrase an old joke I once read that went along with a similar photo; “You know what I …Read More

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 7

What better theme for this weeks Caption Challenge than my daughter showing me up in an arcade? That’s right, SmartCanuckers — you’re staring into the bold awesome face of Jim. With me in the photo is my daughter Julia, aged 2 1/2. As a family we’d decided to take a trip to the arcades in …Read More

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 6

And the SmartCanucks Caption Train rolls on! This week we pay a visit to our old pals Bert & Ernie, and a new, possibly frightened friend who shall remain nameless. “They’re holding me against my will — they said something about a rubber ducky and a pigeon. I think they may be dangerous!”

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