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SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 29


As silly as this picture is, I actually remember when this event took place. It’s just the kind of geek I am, I suppose.

What you’re seeing here is the world’s biggest Nintendo controller. This giant NES pad was making the rounds a few years back during the PR season out in LA. Somewhere between E3 and the i am 8-bit display, everyone in the industry tried to get their hands on it.

But that’s just silly reality getting in the way. What does your brilliant caption say is really going on?

McDonald’s Mondays: BAD sign placement


Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat. This isn’t a post condemning, condoning, or commenting on abortion in any way shape or form. It’s not intended to offend or annoy anyone. It’s merely a commentary on some terrible marketing placement.

That being said, who was the genius at the billboard company that ok’d this pairing of signs? Maybe they were booked by different sales reps and nobody had the heart to call either client to break the strange news. Maybe they did call and neither client wanted to be the one to lose their spot. Whatever happened, it’s beyond bizarre to see these two images on the same ad block. I can’t imagine how many drivers stop the car and back up to make sure they weren’t seeing things.

Local comic shop wants you to be a super hero


SmartCanucks has a national audience. As such, we normally try to avoid topics that are specific to local small businesses not because we don’t love them, but because it’s just the nature of the beast. But sometimes a story just needs to be shared.

About 5 weeks ago, a new comic book store opened it’s doors on Queen St. in Niagara Falls. Pulp Comics is a cool little shop that offers everything you’d expect in a comic book shop, but that’s not the story here. The story is in how the shop came to be, and what they’d like to see from all of us.


SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 28


Happy Canada Day, everyone! The patriotic posts continue on this fine day of national celebration as this weeks caption challenge has us taking a look a man with the jaw of our Queen!

Optical illusions courtesy of digital cameras always rock (I’ve been enjoying the ones with album art for years now), and this one is no different. So what would expect a man with the mouth of a Queen to say?

Everyone loves a Mountie


Over the years, more than a few celebrities have dawned the garb of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Seeing as today is Canada Day, I thought it might be fun to take a little photo journey through our celebrity snapshot book and see who has donned the garb of the mountie in the past.


McDonald’s Mondays: McMake it Yourself


Last week we thought it might be fun to see what kind of McDonald’s foods you enjoyed. This week? We’re going to give you the recipes to make them yourself!

McMenu: Do-It-Yourself McDonald’s has been floating around the internet for a few years now. I first remember coming across it back in 2005 when I was trying to clone their hot mustard sauce. I’m not the world’s greatest cook (especially when trying follow a recipe), and my results weren’t exactly like McDonald’s, but they were close (and delicious). Even the burgers came out fantastic.

It should probably be noted that these aren’t the recipes used by McDonald’s, but clone recipes reverse-engineered with little more than taste buds and passion. If you’re thinking of whipping up some homemade nuggets or a hot apple pie, take a peek and see how it turns out!

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 27


We’ve had some delightful weather over the past few weeks in my neck of the woods. Really fun weather. Get out and play in the park weather.

Turns out our love of outdoor play in the summertime is universal — galactic even. And while it may not be the Emperor’s will, even Vader earns a day on the swing set once in a while.

Ok Star Wars fans, get on those thinking caps and make me proud this week!

McDonald’s Mondays: What’s your favorite item on the menu?


We spend a lot of time during McDonald’s Mondays talking about news stories, videos, and images — but we never talk about you! This week we’d like to change that and ask you one simple question; What is your all time favorite McDonald’s item?

If you love quarter pounders, let us know. If you loved McPizza and miss that, let us know too! Let’s tickle your taste buds this week.

I’ve actually had a hard time nailing down a definitive answer to this one, but I think I’m going to have to go with their Hot Mustard. Like all sauces, it’s intended for nuggets, and like all sauces, it’s delicious on everything. McDonald’s Canada discontinued it about 3 years ago, and since then I’ve been having friends and family smuggle it in from the States. It’s so good, and it’s not like anything else on the market.

But enough about me and my favorite menu item, past or present. What’s yours?

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 26


It’s hard to imagine many jobs in life where height really matters. Truck washers. Light bulb changers. Some other imaginary job for the purposes height-related of comedy. But in the real world there’s only one career I can think of where height makes all the difference: basketball. And never in my life have I seen a picture where that’s more apparent.

Have at it b-ball fans and captioners alike; what’s the real gem this week?

McDonald’s Mondays: “The deal at CBS fell through”

With all the talk and excitement surrounding the changes in late night programming over at CBS, I can’t help but remember the madness that went down in the early 90’s when Johnny Carson retired from The Tonight Show. Letterman, a personal favorite, was really at the top of his game back then. And while he didn’t get The Tonight Show, he did make the move to CBS and has had 17 amazing years behind the desk for them.

The clip above is from those early days of the Late Show, and is a welcome addition to the McDonald’s Monday line-up. McLetterman? I’m lovin’ it.

A sign of the times?


I know the economy stinks right now, but is it really so bad that you need to put underwear and paper towels on the lawaway plan? 😛

The picture above is from this weeks Zellers flyer. The juxtaposition of inexpensive necessities and and ad for in-store credit just tickled me pink. Couldn’t help but share it with the crowd.

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 25


Traffic problems never cease around here with the Caption Challenge! Last week it was a DHL driver stranded in a field of flowers. This week the cops are hasslin’ a young driver for getting his ride on. Tsk, tsk..

Ok folks – ready, set, CAPTION!

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 24


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always hated DHL. Of all the courier services that I’ve dealt with over the years, DHL is the only one that has consistently given me problems. But now that I’ve seen what their drivers deal with? Maybe it’s time I start cutting them some slack.

This weeks Caption Challenge photo come to us courtesy of Robin Knight, an amazing photographer who kindly granted us use of his work for this weeks challenge. If you want to see more, please make sure to visit her flickr profile.

But enough office talk — on to the captioning!

McDonald’s Monday: They’re lovin’ it


McDonald’s Monday has been a staple of SmartCanucks for a few years now, and whether you love it or you hate it you’ve got to admit we’ve found some pretty fascinating stuff. Sometimes we cover strange news, sometimes we post up wacky images, and sometimes, just sometimes, we like to sit back and remember how tasty it is to grab a Big Mac.

The photo above just struck me as somehow iconic. A dozen people sitting on the steps in Trafalgar Square, and everyone is enjoying McDonald’s. It’s a great photo that seems to capture our global obsession with fast food, our universal love for McDonalds… it captures so much. Not many photos can highlight both sides of an arguement. Kudos to Cliff Jones for such an amazing picture.

[via Cliff Jones Photo Gallery]

SmartCanucks Caption Challenge: Week 23


One small step for man, one even smaller step for Playmobil man.

The fourth and final Wednesday in May is upon us, and so we bid adieu to our little tribute to space with our little friend landing on a strange and beautiful alien world (better known as Miami Beach).

Thanks for participating, everyone! Caption Challenge should return to it’s usual non-spacey self next week. In the mean time, make with the captions already! 😛

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